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Breaking: Oops, Google Wave a Fail!

Has the Brain’s Plan Been Foiled? OK – So its not quite breaking news. It took awhile to recover from the shock. For the moment just play along. Google announced recently that they are suspending further development of Google Wave[i].

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Send in the Clouds

What is cloud computing? My views tend somewhat beyond the IT dream of utility computing to the implications that this brings to our everyday lives. How we get from utility computing to were it impacts on us in the “real” world is the purpose of this post. Continue reading

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Segment or Die: The Semantics of Segments

Here we will develop a explicit semantic model of the enterprise and how it operates within a competitive environment for customers. Then show how web analytics through segmentation analysis and customer user management (advance analytics analysis) map to this model and support in-depth analysis of customer experience. Continue reading

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A Day Being Mark

What is it like to get into the mind of an author that has the unique and superlative ability to illustrate complex technologies in their simplest form – the “Hello World” of Web 3.0 artificial intelligence. A review of “Scripting Intelligence, Web 3.0 Information Gathering and Processing” by Mark Watson from APress. Continue reading

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